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Not sure who to contact? Here are some of the most common reasons people call a department in the City and the phone number for that department: 

If you would like information about renting the historic Vineland Station Depot in downtown Whiteville for your civic, corporate or private event, call 910-840-2928. 

The Columbus County Tax Administrator’s Office collects taxes for Columbus County; City of Whiteville; Towns of Fair Bluff, Sandyfield, Boardman, Brunswick, and Cerro Gordo. The Tax Office is located in Whiteville at 125-A Washington Street, Whiteville, NC 28472 and the mailing address is the same. You may contact the tax office by calling 910-642-3920. 

For questions concerning Columbus County elected officials, county staff and services, call (910) 640-6630 or visit 

For questions concerning records which pertain to matters related to land transactions, births, deaths, and marriages that have occurred in Columbus County, you may contact their office at or by calling 910-640-6625. 

For questions concerning the probate of wills, competency matters, the administration of estates including the appointing of personal representatives and auditing their accounting and removing them from their appointed office, if necessary, contact the Columbus County Clerk of Court. Additionally, the Clerk of Court presides over the condemnation of private lands for public use and foreclosures. You may reach their office at or by calling 910-641-4400. 


If you would like to make an appointment with the Mayor or City Manager, find who your council member is for your district or appear before the City Council at a meeting, call 910-642-8046, press option 5 or call ext. 1007 to speak with the City Clerk. 

Would you like to apply for a job or have a question about employee selection or the personnel policy? Call 910-642-8046 ext. 1009. 

City Clerk

Would you like to request a public record or need to know what is a public record? Do you have a request related to the legal authority the City operates under? Call 910-642-8046 and press option 5 for the City Clerk. 

Economic Development

The City of Whiteville recently updated its Special Events Application. This application must be completed and submitted back to the City for ALL special events being planned. A special event is a parade, festival, or  other like event.  This is most important if the event involves the closing of city or NCDOT streets.  Please review the Guidelines for a Special Event prior to completing the application.

Emergency Services

Do you or your group want to plan or schedule a special event such as a parade, festival, street dance, or cook-off in the downtown area or elsewhere inside the City limits of Whiteville? Call 910-642-8046, ext. 2004 to find out more about how to start this process. 

Parks & Recreation

Do you have a question about a city park or need to register for a recreational program? Would you like to reserve a room, picnic area, or shelter for an event? Call 910-642-8046 and press option 3. 

Planning & Inspections

Do you need to schedule or pay for an inspection or need a permit? Call 910-640-1380 or 910-642-8046 and press option 2.  The fax number is 910-642-4407. 

Do you have a question about fair housing or need to file a complaint about housing discrimination in the City of Whiteville? Call the Planning office at 910-642-1380 or 910-642-8046 and press option 2. 

Do you need to submit a Change of Zone application, street and alley closing petition, annexation petition, variance and special use request or a request for certificates of appropriateness? Call 910-640-1380 or 910-642-8046 and press option 2.  The fax number is 910-642-4407. 

If you have a question about downtown Whiteville, opening a business in downtown Whiteville or hosting an event in downtown Whiteville, call 910-642-9212. 


Do you have an urgent or immediate need arising from dogs, cats, or other domestic animal in your community within the City limits? Do these needs directly affect the safety of yourself, others, or the animals? If the answer is “yes,” call 911 to have the City’s Animal Control Officer dispatched.

For answers to speeding ticket questions and online payment options, you can visit You may contact their office by calling 910-640-4400. 

Public Works

Do you have a question about traffic concerns, street and storm drain concerns or questions about sanitation? Call 910-642-3422.


If you need information regarding setting up or closing water, sewer or sanitation accounts, call 910-642-8046 and press option 0. 

If you have a question about the payment status or account balance of your accounts for water, refuse or sewer bill, call 910-642-8046 press option 0.

Do you want to know the different methods you can pay your utility bill? The City accepts the following methods of payment: cash, personal or cashier check, money order, automatic bank draft, debit/credit card cards at City Hall or by telephone. Customers may submit their payment online at website, in-person at City Hall, by mail, by phone (debit/credit cards only), or use the drop box in front of City Hall. However, a third party service charge will be incurred when the method of payment is a debit or credit card. 

Do you have a street or utility improvement request to submit? Call 910-642-3422.